Patient Payments Revenue Shouldn’t Take Time Off 

Make Sure It Doesn’t with These Front Desk Essentials

Due to the rise in patient payment responsibility, today’s front desk staff is tasked with the challenge of collecting higher and more frequent payments from patients—all year around! But with the right processes and technology, your revenue will never take a break from your practice.

3 Steps for a Successful Front Desk
Train and incentivize your team
  • Use role-playing and review typical patient financial questions
  • Get front desk staff comfortable with asking for payment
  • Establish simple processes for presenting cost estimates and taking payments
  • Use contests and incentives to drive patient satisfaction and payment
Maximize use of patient financial information
  • Verify eligibility for every patient to provide accurate patient financial info
  • Use technology to uncover hidden patient coverage and streamline patient estimates
  • Use appointment reminder calls to remind patients what they’ll owe
Use automation and engagement to ensure payment in full
  • Provide payment plans for estimates over a certain amount
  • Keep patients engaged with consumer-friendly payment options
  • Leverage automation to help patients pay balances in full 
Helpful Statistics About Collecting at the Front Desk
In the financial sense, patients are now payers.
  • Patient payments account for 35% of provider revenue1
  • After Medicare and Medicaid, patient payments are providers’ 3rd largest source of income2
Patient estimates really pay off! Patients who receive cost estimates will more likely: 3
  • Pay more of their bill faster (46%)
  • Return for future care (68%)
  • Recommend the practice (69%)
Patients want to pay…but they need help from the front desk. 4
  • 84% of patients want to pay what they owe
  • But 35% say it’s inconvenient to pay for healthcare
Make sure your daily forecast calls for increased revenue and satisfied, engaged patients—leverage patient payment technology to automate and streamline insurance eligibility verification, uncover hidden coverage for patients, provide cost estimates and increase point-of-service collections!
Waystar: Take Your Care All the Way to the Bank
Waystar is the combination of Navicure and ZirMed, the two top-rated providers of revenue cycle technologies. Waystar simplifies and unifies the healthcare revenue cycle with innovative technology that allows clients to collect more with less cost and less stress, so they can focus on their goals, patients and communities. Waystar’s single, end-to-end revenue cycle technology platform provides solutions to help you increase collections including eligibility verification, bill estimation, coverage detection, and patient payment.